About Me

My name is Sam Imberman and I’m a technical advisor (tech lead) at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, where I work on software to protect Canada’s coastal waters. Previously, I taught Web development at Dawson College.

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Professional Projects

I am passionate about using software to improve the world. The thread that runs through my career is making complicated systems easy to understand.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

I’m a technical advisor (tech lead) working with a cross-functional Web team inside a federal ministry, specializing in the Web. My team produces software that delivers services to Canadian citizens, in this case to protect Canada’s coastal waters. My job is as much about delivering great software as it is about instilling cooperative development practices. I am proud to deploy the most modern tech and methodologies in a spirit of good, old-fashioned public service.

Dawson College

I spent three years teaching Web development to computer science students in a CÉGEP (professional college). I developed curricula, wrote lectures and assignments, did heaps of grading, and sat on faculty committees improving curricula. Perhaps my greatest legacy at the College will be the work I did behind the scenes (with other teachers, of course!) to get our students real access to modern cloud services to learn on. I learned a lot about myself and developed the ability to speak about any technical topic on a dime. I also had the honour of mentoring hundreds of future developers. I’d recommend teaching to anyone, particularly if you get to be part of such an excellent department.

Ubisoft and INRO

I developed modern Web applications, mostly front-end because I like to see how my handiwork will help my users. When I started, jQuery was new, IE6 was everywhere, and we were still deciding what the “Good Parts” of Javascript were. 12 years later, I was deploying containerized single-page applications written in Angular and Typescript. I’ve seen some things.

Personal projects

I try to stay off of the computer when I’m not at work, but I have occasionally been known to play with embedded technology and program silly projects using receipt printers. I’m a judo brown belt, I am learning jazz piano, I sew and work on bikes. I live in Montreal, which is the best city in the world eight months of the year. Je suis bilingue.