Sam Imberman   About Me

About Me

My name is Sam Imberman and I’m a UX and web development jack-of-all-trades at Ubisoft Montreal. My professional passion is making complicated tasks easy to understand.

simberman at gmail • LinkedInInstagram

Personal Projects

The Spatial Playlist Editor

Most music players today are oriented around the music library, which is good for listening to albums, but less handy for building mixtapes. So what would a music player look like if the fundamental building block was the playlist? Cherry, the spatial playlist editor, was my quick-and-dirty effort to pursue this thought experiment. I use the YouTube player and content APIs to obtain the music, lots of SCSS magic to generate the UI, and Knockout for all of the interactions. Here’s the Github.

Receipt printers

I love playing with receipts as a medium. Here’s me printing my Instagram feed on a receipt, recorded and put on Instagram – it’s probably the most meta thing I’ve ever made. (Here’s what my desk looked like that day.) I also made a receipt photo booth and a Wikipedia-driven push-a-button-get-a-fact.

I never met a crazy project I didn’t love

In my free time, I’m a judo green belt, I am learning the piano, and I play with Arduino and ESP8266. I’m a naturally curious person and struggle to find time for all of my interests. Je parle français.